Friday, February 5, 2010

What are some types of Fungi?

My sister is doing a project for her biology class about fungi. What are some cool, interesting types of fungi that she could do her project on.What are some types of Fungi?
Phylum Basidiomycota

These are the most recognisable fungi, they include the mushrooms and toadstools. They produce their spores on surfaces called basidia. This is what covers the gills of mushrooms. Some of the main groups of basidiomycota are:

Gilled fungi

Pore fungi

Coral fungi

Puff balls

Spine fungi

Below ground fungi

Bracket fungi

Jelly fungi

Phylum Ascomycota

Fungi in this group produce spores in tiny sacs called asci. Some of these are edible, some of these are:




Phylum Zygomycota


Phylum ChytridiomycotaWhat are some types of Fungi?
We studied fungi recently in our AP biology class, and I think that instead of focusing on one species, your sister should focus on a group. For example: basidiomycota or ascomycota (2 phyla of fungi).

Btw, the answerer above was wrong, moss is not fungi.
1. Mushrooms (you can find so many different kinds at the supermarket and Asian (chineese stores)

2. Moss...look when it rains or on walls of buildings which are old or by water

3. Mold..just let bread out for a long time and that stuff that grows in it is fungus too

4. Yeast is a fungus!

5. Truffles are fungus too

hope this helps :)
ummmmm........mushrooms? Or you could just google ';cool fungi';

Good luck!
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