Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The various fungi (moulds) used to process cheese?

the various fungi (moulds) used to process cheese and lend them their distinct flavour and aroma.The various fungi (moulds) used to process cheese?
I am a former chef and most cheese are not intially made with a fungus , but are treated with various bacterial cultures to form a mold, like blue cheese starts out as a white round block of cheese, they then inoculate it with long needles with a bacteria and the mold veins form overtime.

Even Camembert is rubbed with a bacteria to form the white outer crust, cheddar, brie, all medium to hard cheeses are in some way formed with a bacteria to obtain there flavours and textures.

Mold is a by product of the bacteria in the cheese or on the cheese, none is harmful infact like the one in yougart and buttermilk aid in the digestion of the milk in the cheese.

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