Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Any recommendations on removing pityriasis rosea and fungi?

I've had pityriasis for at least 5 months now and no sign of improvement and I get hyper-pigmentation on the fungi which makes it stand out more which really irritates me. So what should I do to relieve the itching (it gets extremly irritated by water and soap)(water makes it itch soap makes it itch worse) so any suggestions on curing this?Any recommendations on removing pityriasis rosea and fungi?
Unfortunately, this condition can last for several months and will go away on its own. However, since it's been 5 months, I think that you may want to give a call to your doctor to inform him of this, just for a peace of mind and to keep him updated on its progress.

As far as the itching, you can use lukewarm water with a non-perfumed soap (Dial or Ivory soap); oatmeal baths may be of use as well. Also take things such as Benadryl or topical anti-itch cream such as calamine lotion.. Also, keep the area where you are cool as heat tends to exacerbate the itching. If this doesn't help, then steroid creams may be prescribed.

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