Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What are the main characteristics of fungi?

what do they all have in common?What are the main characteristics of fungi?
All fungi are eukaryotic, heterotrophic, saprophytic, chitinous cell walls.

[1] Eukaryotic - fungal cells have membrane bound nuclei and organelles

[2] Heterotrophic - they must absorb organic carboniferous material to grow and survive, unlike plants which only need inorganic carbon (CO2) and sunlight to ';eat';

[3] Saprophytic - they feed on dead and decomposing matter

[4] Chitinous cell walls

[5] Spore producing


There are a few things that are mostly true or usually true and can be considered characteristics of fungi

[6] The produce hyphae (collectively mycelia)

[7] Most are multicellular or have a multicellular phase

[8] Their visible structures are haploid (half the DNA)

[9] They prefer dark moist environments.

[10] Many can reproduce sexually, but all reproduce asexually.

[11] Zygotic meiosis - this means that there is only one diploid cell in the organisms life cycle, and that is the zygote which forms from the fusion of two haploid gametes and immediately undergoes reduction division (meiosis) to form haploid cells, which reproduce by mitosis and generate a multicellular fungus. Virtually any part of any fungus that is visible to the naked eye is haploid.What are the main characteristics of fungi?
all need spores for one of the characteristics

almost need humidity for survive is another characteristic....and I know that exist more things but I cant remember right now ( I see those long time a go in biology class...)
There is alot of info in this link.

But generally Fungi grow as hyphae, long filaments. The also are heterotrophic and to spread fungi they release spores.

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