Thursday, February 11, 2010

Does fungi grow better on fishpaste or peanutbutter?

Different types of fungi can be very specific about what they live on. Fish paste is likely too salty. If not to salty it might be to attractive to bacteria which would outcompete fungi. Funguses often produce antibiotics to try and kill off bacteria but many bacteria produce fugicides. Most fungi need sugars/starches/cellulose more than proteins.

Short answer is peanut butter is likely better depending on its preservatives content.

The best is likely bread or jam because the staches are fine for fungi on bread, and the high sugar content of jam inhibits bacteria but is not to severe for fungus.Does fungi grow better on fishpaste or peanutbutter?
It really depends on the fungus species. There are so many different types.Does fungi grow better on fishpaste or peanutbutter?
I agree that fishpaste is probably too salty if it is like anchovie paste.

Peanut butter will grow molds. They found a harmful mold on peanuts in the Philipines which peanut bitter was made from and made the school children sick.
never tried either

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