Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Toe Fungus...? nasty nails...overthecounter medicine?

What would be a good overthecounter medicine 4 my grandmother for Toe Fungus...she has fungus on her toes and dry skin what can I buy her to make it go away..she has had it for a long time already like 4 years i think or more...and her nails are nasty and thick..and green...Toe Fungus...? nasty nails...overthecounter medicine?
try maximum strength FUNGICURE... its an anti-fungal liquid that u paint on like 2x a day. its clear, not messy, has no smell and easy to apply. it works rapidly depending on the seriousness. if u caught it before it got to threatening it should clear in a few weeks but u say she's had it for years so it may take up to 4 months. you can but it at longs, walmart or walgreens for less than $10. however if its too bad i suggest you have her see a doctor for an oral antibiotic. sometimes fungus can lead to amputation. my uncle had this problem on his right big toe and ended up having to get his whole foot removed. it really could have been prevented. so make sure you guys get that taken care of.

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