Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I have a very raw rash with a terrible smell around my groin. Do I have a yeast infection or a fungus?

I thought it was just from irritation at first, but it hasn't gone away. I've washed my penis and groin area twice a day and tried to get rid of the smell, but it just won't go away. I need to know what will get rid of it, another post said cornstarch, baby powder and yeast infection creams, but I don't know what to get that won't hurt me or make it worse. This is the first time this has happened to me so I'm kind of scared.I have a very raw rash with a terrible smell around my groin. Do I have a yeast infection or a fungus?
get some jock itch cream from the drugstore and use it according to directions if it does not clear up in a week (using the cream every day) go see your doctor.I have a very raw rash with a terrible smell around my groin. Do I have a yeast infection or a fungus?
symptoms of jock itch are the itching and a rash .To prevent jock itch,keep the area clean and dry, avoid chafing. To treat first wash with soap and water you may want to use (head and shoulders)and don t forget to completely dry the area by patting with a clean towel. dust the area with antifungal drying pwders two or three times a day.Do not use powders inbetween every time u use the restroom as you may make the irritation worse! And when using Antifungal cream use it only at night. look for over the counter antifungal agents(miconazole,clomitrazole,Whitfield鈥?ointment) see yourdoctor if it becomes worse.remember this is commom in athletes obese andif you perspire a great deal.Good personal hygiene is essential!
You may have herpes if you're sexually active:-) go see a doctor

Best wishes and good luck
I could give you a whole list of possibilities, but unfortunately, that's exactly what they would be - possibilities. To find out what is truly going on and therefore get the proper treatment before things get worse, you need to just visit the doctor. There's no point in wasting time with trial-and-error of various products trying to figure out what works. Just go to the doctor, let them swab it for a sample and find out what you have.

Best wishes, get well, and don't be embarrassed about going to the doctor about this issue... they deal with kind of thing all day every day.
I don't think it is a yeast infection if there is a rash but you may have that additionally if you stay in damp work out clothing or have a diet high in sugar.


Yeast Infection Information
Possible, consult with your doctor before it gets worse
Go to the docter until then find a product called bag balm or udder balm. You can find it at any local pharmacy. You can use this for the chafing to reduce friction to cut down on the pain until you get to the doctor. You mat have contracted one or two of many sexually transmitted diseases. Best advice see a doctor asap. Also try an antifungal cream or monistat if is a yeast infection this will control the rash, itching, and pain.
Applynanti fungal ointment Candida.
This sounds like you have jock itch (it's a fungus).

If you don't want to go to a Dr. to treat this, The bag balm is a good idea, along w/ the cornstarch, but I am currently using Tea Tree Oil, which can be found @ Akin's, Wild Oates, and if you look around, Wal-Mart.

Wash the area good, dry it completely, then get a cotton pad or ball, drop a couple of drops of the tea tree oil on it, and wipe all around the area. dry it up, and if you want, dust it lightly w/ the cornstarch. Make sure you wash your hands of the starch and tea tree oil.

Skin will fall off in pieces,(looks disgusting, but there will be healthy skin underneath).

Get some sun on the affected area- the Vit. D from the sun will help this out.

All the best to you.

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