Sunday, February 7, 2010

How Do I Get Rid Of A Fungi Toe Nail Infection?

thanks.How Do I Get Rid Of A Fungi Toe Nail Infection?
every time you shower blow dry your feet and at night be for you go to sleep put some vapor rub on the infected nail it's going to take time but it worksHow Do I Get Rid Of A Fungi Toe Nail Infection?
Try some of these natural remedies - listed on the site below - all said to work

Eating a diet full of probiotics and yoghurt will also help - the good bacteria (the yoghurt) fighting the bad bacteria (the fungus!)

Tea tree oil, cider vinegar, lavendar oil, and olive oil are all mentioned and are usually things we have in the house already . . .
Apple Cider vingegar. Soak your foot in the vinegar for half an hour, every day. Will clear right up.

But if it DOESN'T, then I would resort to peeing on your foot. Gross, I know, but do it. Without a doubt, will clear it up. But only second to the vinegar, because the vinegar isn't half as gross.
I've found two articles about how to cure infections - and It should be some kind of natural treatment, so save way.
There are over the counter medications or you can ask your physician for the pills but either way, this process takes almost a year before the problem is cleared up.
It's extremely difficult. My husband has been using something the doctor gave him for two years and it still hasn't totally cleared up. Don't bother with home remedies. He tried them and they just don't work.
Tee Tree Oil helps some people, just make sure that it doesn't irritate the surrounding skin.

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