Sunday, February 7, 2010

What is the differance between mushroom and fungi?

i've read that some kinds of mushroom can treat cancer, while i've also read that cancer is caused by fungi, and mushroom is fungi,,

i need explanatin please,,, thanxWhat is the differance between mushroom and fungi?
well a mushroom is a fungi. but fungi also is the green thing that appear on an orange left for days outside of the fridge. What is the differance between mushroom and fungi?
Technically Fungi is the Kingdom (main group) and mushrooms belong in this Kingdom. Because the Kingdom of Fungi is so huge there are many species of mushroom within Fungi and so whilst some may cure cancer (theoretically), with such a diverse group of organisms it becomes very possible for something in the same Kingdom (because of similar evolutionary characteristics) can cause cancer.
Fungi are a large kingdom. A major group of fungi is the Basidiomycota, the mushrooms.

For example: mammal:animal::mushroom:fungus

Fungi make a lot of various toxins. When you don't move, you don't have much else to defend yourself with. Some of these can cause cancers by damaging DNA, a few kill rapidly dividing cells, ie cancer cells.

Indeed, Fungi is a Kingdom, which is a taxonomic label. So within the Fungi Kingdom, there are certain fungi that produce mushrooms. Typically, the mushrooms we are familiar with, especially those we eat, are actually the reproductive structures of certain fungi groups.
mushroom usually just denotes the shape
There are many different types of fungi. Mushrooms are just one type.
All mushrooms are fungi, but not all fungi are mushrooms.

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