Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Mold is growing on my carpet, white powdery with large fungi that are as big as my hand. HELP!?

I found large growth of fungus in the back of my closet. I know that a leak on my porch is the problem. The builder is addressing that issue ( again ) today. I found the growth last night and have not tried to start cleaning it. I have the builder VP coming out to look at it himself. I've asked them to have a mold specialist come out too. My question now is...What about all our clothes and shoes. Should they be responsible for cleaning them? and how should I got about the cleaning job, I'd hate to spread more around. I have a heat duct in the closet, so I'd guess that mold has gotten into the air system in the house. We are not sick. (thankful) But I don't want to start carrying all these clothes around washing them by my machine and making the problem worse. Should we throw out the carpet? What about the leather shoes thats white dust was on? Builder said that it would be a good idea to stay out of the closet, What would one of you do next? ThanksMold is growing on my carpet, white powdery with large fungi that are as big as my hand. HELP!?
I would ask to move to another apartment....Mold is growing on my carpet, white powdery with large fungi that are as big as my hand. HELP!?
Git rid of the mold first. Tear out the carpet, disinfect all the clothing. After that you need to be proactive so it does not reoccur. I work for a company that sells air purifiers. Our system will stop mold from growing (it does not get rid of the mold already there). We have seen it work over andover. We put our system in one daycare room, both rooms on each side had to have paint and drywall repair due to mold growth, the one with our system had no mold growth!

The company is EcoQuest International. You can go to my site and take a look.

Good luck with the clean up!
I would call a mold specialist and ask their advice. I would not clean or move anything until I did. Some molds can be very dangerous.
The builder needs to compensate. Take good pictures and record all your conversations. Impotant to take photos to prove a case, if necessary. If the house is not finished he should address the problem. You might have to go to small claims court, if you know it is the builder. If not the builder, then THROUGH OUT THE RUG. Sorry, but allergies and bugs will come in. Not safe. Mold Spreads big time. I know bleach kills mold. but for walls and stuff, clean. You dont want it to spread to the walls. if the builder is staying to stay out. Big trouble. Call the guy on TV maybe, he might have some good ideas. I dont remember his name. Mike I think. He does shows with buildings. NOT TYE. Well maybe you might want to try him too. As far as the shoes depending how bad they are. Check with a shoe repair man. Good Luck. Ill say a prayer for you.
DONT DO ANY THING BEFORE YOU HAVE PICTURES AND PLENTY OF EVIDENCE! take loads of pics, documemt times/dates of everthing discussed with the builder or anyone else involved. GET A LAWYER! builders will try to get out of anything they can.


good luck
black mold is the one you need to fear.if theres a duct running through your closet then the closet should have a vent to allow circulation between the closet and the outside room otherwise you will have problems that never stop and proably won't show up until builder is long's this very non vent problem that allowed the mold to grow in the first place.reguardless of a leak.

theres another guy on here who i hope see's this cause he can explain it to you in better detail.good luck.
Rip out the carpet and dispose of it. Everything that was in the closet will have to be washed/disinfected or thrown away. While transporting any infected items, try to wrap them in plastic so the mold won't spread, and wear a mask so you won't breathe the spores.
Don't do anything. Take pictures before the builder gets there and let him address it. And you did the right thing by having a mold specialist come out too. I'd remover your clothes from there. I would think that they should pay for the cleaning of the clothes too.
move out now!!! keep reciepts and make them pay for everything!

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