Sunday, February 7, 2010

Does anyone know how to remove fungi from a garden lawn?

Not good news I'm afraid.

There is currently no chemical control for 'Fairy Rings' of fungi.

The only known cure is to remove all the soil eight inches deep and for 20 inches either side of the ring. Replace with fresh top soil and reseed.鈥?/a>Does anyone know how to remove fungi from a garden lawn?
Go for a systemic fungicide; you should be able to get it at a lawn and garden center. Spray it on according to the directions. Also be sure not to water in the evenings if you can help it, but stick with morning, so the water soaks into the ground, but the sun can help evaporate water off the leaves.

Good luck!Does anyone know how to remove fungi from a garden lawn?
Wear gloves and pick them off as low as possible. Dispose of them in the bin.
there is no chemical cure for mushrooms... if that is the kind of fungus you are talking about... mushrooms (fairy rings) grow in the lawn when there is some kind of wood decaying... whether it be roots from a dying tree, mulch, buried tree pieces... whatever the source, mushrooms are helping break down (decompose) the wood matter... when the wood matter is gone, the shrooms will be gone... the shrooms will not hurt your lawn... now if you are talking about some other kind of fungus effecting your lawn... usually aerating helps, water in the morning vs. evening... all kinds of culture practices, depending on what the fungus is... as far as fungicides go: they do not kill the fungus, they only protect healthy grass from being affected; they need to be applied at the proper time during the season, or you are just wasting your money cause they will not help, and you need to choose the right chemical for the type of fungus you have...

I suggest calling an expert... usually your county extension agent can identify the problem... or just check your extension office on-line for more info.... search for: University of (your state) county extension agency.... example, mine is: University of Wisconsin Brown County Extension
my mum used to have these there called fairy rings,she got some stuff from the garden centre
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