Friday, February 5, 2010

Christians where did Noah store micro-scopic fungi on the Ark?

And how did he keep them alive for 40 days in such conditions?Christians where did Noah store micro-scopic fungi on the Ark?
With all due respect, fungi are not animals. They are, well, fungi.

How they would survive the flood is a better question...

Come to think of it, so is the question of termites...Christians where did Noah store micro-scopic fungi on the Ark?
Well there are many strands of microscopic fungi but the bible only mentions three-

one was stored between the split in a ox's hooves

one was stored between two planks of wood in the ark's hull

one was stored on the underneath of his mop bin

He kept them alive by magic.

The really interesting parts of the Bible to me are the hymns that Noah wrote about the enlightenment he received while demonstrating zen-like focus on using a toothpick to scrap the microscopic fungi off his oxen's hooves once the floods were over.
Well, it just so happened that Noah's greatest hobby (apart from binge drinking) was microbiology! Obviously anyone somewhat versed in microbiology would have no problems constructing culture vats for various spores and fungi.

What about these things (found only in the amazone, and just recently discovered):…
I don´t think it would be very difficult to keep fungi alive on a wooden ship full of agitated animals. Especially since the lower decks got no sunlight and no fresh air. No, what would be a real trick would be to keep the barge FREE of fungi...
And let's not forget the termites.


║Those who regard a freedom from the false morals and obsolete

║practices regarding sex or religion as debauched are doing naught

║but corrupting their minds with foolishness.

║My morals come from compassion; my compassion from

║understanding. And I seek to know and understand... everything.

He did pretty well at keeping all the animals alive when there was just 2 of each. I mean with all those dinosaurs on the ark aswell its amazing how he managed it. I wonder if people actually believe the noahs ark crap?
Well lets see, where could we keep something so small that the human I can't see it while on a boat that measure almost more than 300 feet? That's a tough one. I'll get back to you.
All fungi for the most part is micro-scopic at least it starts that way.. and He probebly had some of it in his wallet -- duh !
It's just a story. No tales from that period of time discussed the fungus among us.
On the bottom of his feet and between his balls.

Noah had bad athlete's foot and jock itch ;-)
They just floated around.
I'm sure there were plenty of cracks for them to hide in.
On the bottom of the boat:)
on Ark B.
Yeah, and how did he get to Antarctica to pick up a couple Penguins?
lol XP
he just did ok

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