Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Can mold, fungi, mould growing in the flat be unhealthy for our 2 months old baby?

My husband and I moved to a new flat before our baby was born, however the location is near forest, it is very dump and recently we noticed mold growing in our bedroom, even in our wardrobe. I have got headaches from the smell, allergy like symptoms, there is mould behind our bed, even in the wardrobe and our shoes, suitcases and even baby's pram is covered with a green mould. Can it be harmful?Can mold, fungi, mould growing in the flat be unhealthy for our 2 months old baby?
Yes it can be lethal on your baby's respiratory system also the skin.

Your baby will be more prone to allergies too.

You need to contact the local enviromental health as what you are suggesting is VERY VERY serious.Can mold, fungi, mould growing in the flat be unhealthy for our 2 months old baby?
Yes, my husband and I live in an old house that gets moldy when it rains for several days. Our children had asthma problems. We invested in a dehumidifier and change the filter often. Helped tremendously. You may need some professional advice about the amount of mold you are talking about. Perhaps invest in an air filtering/purifying system.
Research in USA showed that some mould spores were indeed very bad for humans especially young children. Cure it or move.
It is very dangerous not only to your child but to you and your husband as breathing in mold can damage your lungs. You need to air your home leaving the windows open to allow air to penetrate the house. Anything that has mold growing on it should be cleaned with Jaye's Fluid and left in the sun to dry. Walls, everything in your home appears to be affected with the result your home will need a thorough overhall. I would suggest moving to somewhere away from trees.
Mold and mildew are a hot topic these days, and for good reason. Although there are good reasons for many in this category, the microscopic spores of many types can be very unhealthy for humans and pets.

If you rent, get the landlord to correct the problem, it's his responsibility. If you own, you need to make some decisions, and soon. Try this site to start:…
yeah it will be,it's most certainly time to move on.
Yes the spores from the mould can be very harmful, especially for a baby.
Yes, absolutely. Fungus and mould spores will be in the air which won't be good for baby's lungs. I'd start looking for a new flat if I were you. Either that, or get the place heated and dried out.
Mold is very dangerous to anyone. If I were you I would move A.S.A.P. this is truely harmful especially to a baby who's immune system has not developed. Ask your doctor.
You know the baby is so deligate so try as much as possible to keep the baby away from them I would even advice you to move out of that place before they get worse.Pliz do that for litttle one
Buy a Dehumidifier
If moving isn't an option then you need to buy a de-humidifier to get the room dry. wipe down all the areas with bleach and air the rooms as much as possible. If you are renting your flat, contact your land lord and let him know what is going on. No home should have mould growing in it and there may be an underlying cause I'm not sure its from living near a forest though. It really isn't good for your baby to live there and it could cause bronchitis
YES i had to move because of mould it made my astma real bad and caused lung problems for my 6 month old daughter ... see if you can get it treated asap or stay with friends for a while
I had a similar problem with my daughter.... We lived in a medieval house (very romantic but fungi were growing up the walls). When she developed asthma the specialist I consulted told me that ,';environmental factors';, played a great part in her disease. He was referring to the fungi.
Some of the answers you have been given are correct, it can be bad for baby and yourselves but don't panic its not that bad. Call in the environmental health and they will advise you but you will be told that you are not ventilating it and heating it enough. There is special paints you can get to cover the problem before you emulsion the walls. We had the same problems when my daughter was young and it took years to get them to rehouse us.
YES this very dangerous, anything that has the mould growing on it needs to be thrown away as well. Get in touch with environmentral health. Also contact your G.P's and health visitor as they can write referrals to get you moved.
yes !

get it treated or move out

try cleaning with bleach as a temporary measure

try re plastering and throw away shoes etc that are affected

if possible move
if you are in rented accommodation ask your landlord to sort it, if not contact the environmental health authority.
Of course it is. Mold is potentially life threatening so you need to move.
Bloody daft question.just take 1 minute to think.Sorry about the bloody but come on!!!!.
yes very harmful try and get your landlord to sort it out or move you
YES!!!! That stuff is very harmful on your respitory system and it could kill your baby!!!!Cleaning it won't help,U need to move!!!!
Yes it's harmful to you all. If you or baby have asthma it could be seriously harmful. Is the flat bought or are you renting it? if you're renting call out the landlord and ask them to deal with asap. if they don't you can call Environmental health who will order them to fix it.

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